Kevin Collamore Braun

Kevin has over 24 years of software design and development experience. The work he has done has helped improve user experiences for world-class companies including Google, Samsung, Rolex, Hyundai, Michael Kors, MIT, Harvard, Cisco Systems, Keurig, and Vermont Teddy Bear. He has also worked with industry leaders in healthcare, insurance, automotive, mobile devices, and consumer goods.

Along with his professional experience, he has more than nine years of experience teaching college level user-centered design and front-end development courses.

Chapter 1
Make it Useful

  • What Are We Trying to Do and How Will We Know If We Did It?

Chapter 2
Make it Usable

  • Who Are We Designing This For?—Personas/User Segments
  • What Do They Need?—Scenarios
  • When Will We Design and Build It?:—The Product Roadmap

Chapter 3
Make it Beautiful

  • Scannability, Readability, Comprehension
  • Using the Inverted Pyramid Model for Content
  • Alignment and the Grid
  • Visual Hierarchy
  • Composition
  • Scope
  • The Golden Triangle
  • The F, Z, and Other Gaze Patterns
  • Gestalt Patterns
  • Color
  • Thematic Appropriateness
  • Data Visualization
  • Further Reading

Chapter 4
Make it Functional

  • Framework-itis and Code Bloat
  • Testing across Platforms, Browsers, and Devices
  • Accessibility
  • Further Reading

Chapter 5
Make It Measurable

  • FaUX
  • Analytics
  • Conversions and Micro Conversions
  • Be Curious and Analytical
  • Google Analytics
  • Mouseflow
  • Reverse Path Analysis to Understand Failure
  • Being Misled by Your Data
  • Fear of Change
  • Ease the Fear of Change with A/B Testing
  • Some Helpful Tools of the Trade
  • Further Reading

Chapter 6
Make It Better

  • Planning Your Iterations
  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Findings
  • Recommendations
  • Prioritization
  • Effort
  • Further Reading

Chapter 7
Make These Methods Work for You

  • Starting with a Greenfield Project or at a Startup
  • Understanding the Market
  • What Comes Next?
  • Working within an Established Company
  • Conclusion

Artifact Templates

  • Workshop Slides
  • Workshop Agenda
  • Personas and Features Matrix
  • GSOT Document
  • Expert Review
  • Heuristic Evaluation